Magic Lamp

The genies in the bottle.
We live by the belief that everyone should pick one thing and become rather good at it. We picked software. Simply put, Magic Lamp is a team of skilled and professional technologists who put ones and zeroes on your side.


Magic Lamp practices agile modeling and development. A bit of a buzzword of late, 'agile' simply means that we'll communicate with you. That we'll plan for change. That we won't take your brief, disappear for months and return with the wrong product.

Technology-wise, we'll choose the right tools for the task, not the hippest framework of the week.


Professionals minimise risk to their clients. How do we do this? Assessment, automation and testing.

We're pretty perceptive people and from the project outset we'll seek to identify potential risks, be they technical, financial or political. System automation replaces repetitive, accident-prone tasks. Unit and regression testing ensures that once discovered, bugs never return.