Magic Lamp

We have no specific vacancies at the moment, but if you fit any (or all) of the following descriptions then please get in touch. We don't want you going anywhere else, after all. For all positions, experience with Unix-like systems and an addiction to process automation are desirable.


We recognise that the talented coders out there learn and adapt, so we're not looking for any particular technical skills - just passion and ability. We're good at spotting both. Most of our work involves use of dynamic languages, but we use a large variety of tools on a daily basis. Ability to write maintainable code, communicate concisely in complete sentences and accept co-operative criticism is non-negotiable. A degree is beneficial, but not too much theory - it's all about balance. Ideally you'd also have contributed to an open-source project or two.

System Administrators

We administer a growing number of int(er|ra)net servers on behalf of both ourselves and clients. We're interested in hearing from experienced, disciplined Linux system administrators familiar with common web/database hosting services, virtualisation and who have a willingness to experiment with new technologies.

(User Interface) Designers

Are you able to understand applications from the perspectives of both users and developers, then use this understanding to create beautiful, cutting-edge, user-centric interfaces using HTML, Flex, Swing or Cocoa? If so, we want to hear from you.