Magic Lamp

Freefall is the new content management system from Magic Lamp.
A product of five years experience and months of solid work, we think we've created something quite special. Read about the features below then check out the gallery - and be sure to contact us if you want to learn more.

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User Interface

There's nothing we love more than a good user interface - and we've seen enough bad ones to know the difference - so we have striven to create the best that we have ever seen in a content management system. Gauging by our clients' reactions, we're pretty sure we've succeeded. It's easy on the eye, and everything just makes sense.

Full control over page design & layout

Too many content management systems promise customisable templating but fail to deliver, instead shoehorning content into rigid sections and imposing arbitrary layout restrictions.

Freefall is different. Layouts and their various sub-sections are completely customisable - without any need for programming. A bespoke editing interface for each layout is generated on the fly, so you spend less time wrestling with WYSIWYG editors that don't quite work, and well, less time managing content in general - just fill in the blanks and let Freefall arrange it all. As a welcome side-effect, content is guaranteed to be displayed consistently across your site.

Content Management

Freefall supports a full suite of publishing controls - pages can be published, edited, moved, renamed and deleted at will, and multiple publishing requests can be queued for later authorisation by the relevant editor. If the default set of content types isn't enough for you, we can build in whatever you need - slideshows, maps and calendars are all possible.

Navigation and sitemaps are generated automatically, and a comprehensive security system allows privileges and page access control to be granted on a group and user basis. You needn't worry about losing old content either - Freefall's content repository stores old versions of your content, along with a descriptive changelog and the ability to view differences between revisions.

Your images and documents don't go unloved. Freefall's asset management system allows files to be uploaded, previewed, edited and effortlessly linked to other content. Automatic image resizing, cropping and filtering means no need to maintain multiple image versions - just upload your originals and let the system do the rest.

SEO & Reporting

Freefall is so search engine friendly we thought it was cheating on us. Pretty URLs, automated sitemap.xml/robots.txt generation, unlimited metadata support (inc. Dublin Core), integrated web statistics - we've got it all. Of course, your templates will also be built with search engine visibility as a primary concern - so all that's left is to get your friends to link to you; that front page spot on Google will soon be in the bag.

Performance, Security, Resilience

Freefall caches data aggressively to ensure your site holds its own under load. If your site still needs more juice we can fire up as many dedicated virtual servers as required. Nightly onsite backups and weekly offsite backups to Amazon S3. Need we say more?

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